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Blame it upon a rush of blood to the head...

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Saturday, March 11th, 2006
10:38 am - Rain rain rain!
It's raininggg! :)

I usually do not like the rain,
but this time I'm not making a big deal out of it.

I want to go to Hot Topic to return some shirts today.
My mom said she's afraid to drive though. -_-
So I'm going to try to convince her.

And my grandma told me last night that we are going to CHICAGO!!!
During summer though.
It's to visit my grandma's cousin.
Woooot :]
I am so excited! I've never been there before.
A'course I'll take my camera.

And 20 days till Europe!!! yesss :D :D :D

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
3:46 pm - March!!
It's March!!

Things have gone on.
Someone talked trash about me
and it's ridiculous because I don't talk about anyone in a bad way.
They're just dumb.

Almost time to get my license!
And I had an interview for Juice It Up! But they didn't call me back.

Plus I didn't make it into NHS.
Oh well! :P
One door shuts another opens, right?

That's all for now.
I am going to Bat Mitzvah Club now.


current mood: calm

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
9:09 am - P.S.
My parents are letting me get my license!!!
I think I am careful and cautious and everything a responsible teenage driver should be...
Isn't "responsible teenage driver" an OXYMORON?
I think so!


oooh well!
March 20th is la dia de yo!

*breaks out into Spanish*

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8:45 am - Why shucks!
I never update this.
So here is what is going on:

- School: I am pretty stressed out with so much work and so much studying to do that I forget about myself sometimes. And there's some other things about school that I am stressed about, but I will explain later in this entry. Anyway, Mrs. Palicki's class is ridiculous. She expects us to read The Grapes of Wrath all the time. -_- Yuck! My other classes are fine. AP Environmental is planning a trip to the Mojave Desert on the 24th of March, but I do not think I will go because the Europe trip is on April 1st. Pre-calculus is so boring! I should take a voice recorder and record Mr. Oberhauser giving a lecture. I fall asleep most of the time or just play on my calculator. I wish the Texas Instrument people who made the calculators did not put games on them. They are SUCH a distraction! And now I need tutoring for pre-calculus and Mr. Oberhauser is a little league baseball coach and cannot tutor after school. There is tutoring in the library after school, but by students. I'd rather have a teacher tutor me. I think I will go to see Mr. Bartholome (my algebra II teacher from last year) and have him tutor me. I asked him another time and he forgot...so maybe I'll tell him he better show up this time. :P Well, my other classes are fine besides that. There was some guy on American Idol that looked just like Mr. Bernal (my Spanish III teacher). Scary! But he got voted off last Thursday. :( haha

- Friends: I don't knowwww. I have a lot of acquaintences, but not a lot of friends. I think it's because I do not trust people too much or I'm afraid to trust them because I am afraid to lose them. But the good thing about my high school friends is that I might not see many of them when I move away to college. I'll make more friends in college. People in high school are gossipy and unreliable. The three friends who I do rely on are very amazing though (Magee, Stephanie, Toral). Yepppp. They mean so much to me and I don't think anything bad will happen with them. I trust them so much! :]

- College: I am SO stressed out. And I'm only a junior in high school. I need to really talk to my counselor because my dad needs to know the system at college (in which he doesn't) and I think it'd be easier for the counselor to tell him rather than me telling him. I think he would listen to her rather than me. But I really just want to succeed! Success to me includes college. It's always been my dream and I do not want that dream to be held back. Although most people know my opinions about college and my dad and finances and everything else that goes along with it, I am determined to let my counselor know about everything. I just cannot let my honors classes and extracurricular activities go to waste (for example: If I go to Chaffey, it is a real personal insult). Anyway, we will see what happens. I'm mostly hopeful.

- Family: I think things are fine. No weird temper-tantrums or mood swings lately. Nor any fights. I'm very pleasantly surprised. Hopefully things will remain stable in my family; I do not need ANY MORE STRESS in my life right now. There is too much to be stressed about as it is.

- Overall: I'm pretty positive about things. The stress factor is always an influence in my mood, but I am keeping it under control for right now at least. I am starting to be stressed about reading for Mrs. Palicki's class, but I'm trying not to procrastinate until the last minute. Okayyyyy. That is all.

current mood: chipper

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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
9:50 am - hello again
I have not updated this for a while.
Here's what's going on:

- King's Ball was really fun. I had a great time going to dinner with Dustin, Carol, Brenda, Lisa, Kyle, Jude, Celeste, and Mitch. Then dancing was fun. Mitch and Kyle got really tired so they sat out half of the time while Lisa and I danced. After we went to my house and watched Benny and Joon (that movie with Johnny Depp and Mary Stewart-Masterson). That was really fun! Kyle and Lisa left before the movie ended though. Then Mitch started having a coughing attack so we drove him home soon after. Overall it was a fun night though. :)

- School is pretty okay. I'm doing very well in Mrs. Palicki's honors English III class because I participate a lot more than I did last semester. I think I'm getting a high B in her class and I am satisfied with it. :] And I'm doing fine in my other classes as well. My pre-calculus grade is a C- though and I cannot let that slip no matter what. I need to seriously pay Mr. Oberhauser to drop a book in front of me in that class every five minutes so I wake up. His class is SO boring! And most of the people in that class fall asleep. :/ Even the smart kids. It's just extremely boring. I think I'm going to get math tutoring if I don't understand anything in that class since I'm usually half-asleep.

- In other news, I'm really nervous about getting into NHS. I know I don't have the best grades a student can have, but I'm a steady student and I apply myself to things outside of school. I wrote a personal statement and attached it to my NHS form so I hope it will assist in getting me accepted. I don't know if I made it yet though and I will only know in March (approximately). Swing dancing is also fun. We made it into the Renaissance Rally in March and I am one of the dancers in the beginning of the performance who, besides just doing the routine, are doing the Balboa. How fun! I am excited! :)

Anyway, there's really not that much to say. I went to Paulina's debut last night. It was really nice!
Also today is my dad's birthday and we are going to go to LA and walk around the Beverly Center. Yay!!!

current mood: impressed

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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
9:54 pm - better
I am in a better mood.

Long swing practice today.
It was fun, but tiring.
Then went to the library to get my NHS stuff.
But I need to get them tomorrow before 3! haha
We shall see.
I am the ULTIMATE procrastinator.
It's really bad.
But I get things done.

then I went to Dairy Queen with my mom :)
And we got a new couch, two reclining chairs, a coffee table, and an end table.


Justine + I go to get ice cream tomorrow!!!!
I am so happy!!

until tomorrow when I need to start doing Hamlet crapola.


current mood: busy

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Monday, February 6th, 2006
9:05 pm - whaaaaat the crapppppppola!
This has been one of the most stressful school days of the year!
(for me anyway).

Swing practice was fun.
Then I come home and my dad already has stupid stuff for me to do (like clean under tables and junk) when I stepped through the door.
I didn't have a chance to just r-e-l-a-x!
But instead of studying for that dumb Spanish project thing (which I just got my lines tonight), studying for pre-calc, studying for the AP enviro test tomorrow, and making a thesis statement for Mrs. Palicki's Hamlet essay,
I had to drop everything and help my dad clean under tables.



Then that Europe meeting.
Yay! I'm excited!!!!!!
That was fine.
Then we had to go to Best Buy to get a video cable for my dad after we rearranged the furniture again, but I made a pit stop at Juice It Up (I needed it, seriously).

I want to talk to Mitch.
Things are SO stressful!

I took a shower, thankfully, and now I feel a tiny bit better but I'm still winding down.

Hopefully tomorrow is going to be a little less stressful.

Plus it's Mitch and my "two months" thing. haha :]

current mood: cranky

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
10:02 pm - arrr
I feel empty inside.
All alone.

But I just haven't seen Mitch all weekend.
And it has been a rough weekend.

A year ago things were great.
I just screwed everything up for myself.
I never ever knew what I had
and what I would lose and never get back again.

Life feels so lonely and bland.
There is some substance, but it is a bit masked right now.

I hope I don't fall out of love again.
I need friends too.
I haven't hung out with friends in a long while.

I cannot wait to just free myself of everything
and just start over new...
and of course go up north and visit my best friend!
She is the only one who will always be there for me and never break my heart.


current mood: listless

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Friday, February 3rd, 2006
9:36 pm - Yep.
This week started out weird.
On Sunday night I was in the hospital until about 5:30 on Monday.
I kept shaking.
Well, it was just a really scary experience in the San Antonio E.R.
and that's pretty much all I can say.

Then the rest of my week was pretty normal.
Just resting up, going to school, trying to fit in a little fun.
And of course, coming to conclusions with things (like I tend to do).

First Conclusion:
I'm not close to friends anymore. Things have changed a lot since last year. For instance, I don't hang out with my friends as much. Actually, I cannot remember the last time I did hang out with them. Plus, I feel that I'm losing touch with some of my friends. I don't like that at all. It's not so much to wear we don't talk, but it's like they are starting to drift and I am confused as to why. It bugs me when people are saying that I am clingy and that I am always worried about what other people think. I believe everyone's a little like that. But seriously. The only one friend I can absolutely trust with everything is Magee, and she doesn't even live down here. Life would be a lot better if she did. But we have a strong bond nevertheless. Anyway, I guess I am sad when I see two best friends together all throughout high school because I am never going to get that chance. It also seems that they don't realize how lucky they are to have a friend like that who is there for them. I guess I get lonely sometimes and, when I meet a new friend, get attached easily because I just want someone there for me. I don't know, I just want someone there for me like that. Plus, I am sad that friends I used to have are now not even liking me. I don't even know why! Uggg. Whatever. I guess I don't need someone that doesn't like me.

Well. That is all I am thinking.
King's Ball is next Saturday.
Am I psyched?
A little.


current mood: creative

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Friday, January 27th, 2006
11:49 pm - You're beautiful....
Aw! Addicted to listening to James Blunt now!

Today was great fun.
I asked Mitch to King's Ball at Barnes & Noble.
But it was really great.
And he just was so happy and just kissed me!
And now I can't stop thinking of him...

Other than that, we're going to Manhattan Beach tomorrow
and Palm Springs on Sunday.


current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
10:44 pm - addicted to Phantom Planet and driving to San Diego
What a weekend so far!
Yesterday I drove down to San Diego with my mom
and we looked around the SDSU campus!
It was awesome! :)
Then we went to Fashion Valley and Mission Valley
and I bought M.A.C cosmetic stuff and a cool necklace that says "You and only you" in French at this one silver store.
It was awesomeeee!!!
And we stayed overnight at a Days Inn in La Mesa.
And we ate at Denny's this morning.
And this weird lady who waited on us gave me a hard time about my breakfast.
but she had a moustache.

Then I just came home from seeing Fun with Dick and Jane con Mitchell.
:) :)
He's fun!
And I'm going to his house tomorrow after I take the practice SAT.

Speaking of the practice SAT, I need to go and sleep in for it.

current mood: ecstatic

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Friday, January 20th, 2006
2:54 pm - The whole world needs an anthem
I haven't written in this for...a week! :P

But finals were super stressful
and I was just really busy.

everything is better now.
I'm so glad it's the weekend!
I might go to a movie later but I don't know what time.

Other than that, wheee!!

current mood: relieved

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Friday, January 13th, 2006
11:56 pm - amazing :)
Today was SO amazing!
And TGIF for sure.

Everyone went to swing club
then we went to Lisa's house and ate ice cream.

After, Mitch came over and hung out
and we watched Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze.
Good movie!
But of course we took a Jeopardy break. ;)

Tomorrow will be pretty okay.
I think my grampy and grammy are coming over for a little while.
I just talked to my grammy and she said she wants to go out to eat too.
MMM! :) :)

Ok, that is all.
Amazing! I am SOOOO happy :)
I'm glad this week ended like it did.

current mood: jubilant

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Thursday, January 12th, 2006
9:22 pm - delay.
Haven't updated in a little.
Our computer has been down
so I was using my dad's laptop.

no real news.
School is school.
Finals + mid-terms are next week.
I study a day before for each final though.
It's not like I have hard classes either.
I might study for Mrs. Palicki's test over the weekend though...
that's going to be HARD!

My parents want me to get a job.
I kind of do, but I think I'm wanting the money more than the job.
So whateverrrr.
I guess I'll look for one now.
I'm SO lazy. -_-

And I haven't been out of the house in 2 days besides going to school.
I am going to Lisa's house tomorrow for ice cream,
so I think that kind of counts as getting out of the house.

I want to go to SDSU one weekend to take a tour.
It looks like a lot of fun.
Maybe I'll ask my mom to take me down there being that she graduated from there.

That's it.
Swing tomorrow.
Plus late start schedule at school.
One more hour of sleep!
*Turns into Napoleon Dynamite*


current mood: bored

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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
12:51 am - all I can say is that my life is pretty plain.
Today was a good day.
I went to my grandma's houseee.
We hung out and watched the "World's Strongest Man" competition on ESPN.

Then I went to eat at Corner Bakery Cafe with Lisa, Kyle, and Mitch<3.
It was funnn!
And then we went home early b/c the mall was boring.


I get my hair cut tomorrow.
And I am going to play games with the Chili's group at Kyle's house.


current mood: energetic

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Friday, January 6th, 2006
10:50 pm - double-speak
Disneyland with Mitch was fun.
I could hardly sleep the night before ...
I guess I was anticipating just being with him.
But yepp...
it was a lot of fun.

And my sister's friends spent the night last night and we made a music video to Ciara's "1, 2, Step."


Today was okay.
I just went bike riding up Rochester and across Vintage and down Milliken
then went to see The Producers with Kyle, Lisa, Rachel, Danielle, and Kyle's mom.
I thought it was hilarious!
I just really like Mel Brooks movies.

tomorrow I'm going to see my grandma and eat lunch at her house.
Then *hopefully* the Chili's group has a last get-together before winter break ends. :'[

that's about it!

current mood: chipper

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
11:18 pm - :)
Things between Mitchell and me are fine now.
I'm happy! :)
And tonight I went over his house.
We played Scrabble (without all of the pieces), darts,
ping-pong, and then we ate Old Spaghetti Factory.
Mmmm mm!
Great night indeed!

But USC lost to Texas...
Oh well.
Next year USC will kick big Texas bootay.

I have to get up early to go to Disneyland with Mitchell.
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

current mood: ecstatic

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
1:19 pm - blarrrgh :]
A little update:

Yesterday was pretty bad.
Iono, I am being really moody lately.
And I guess it just escalated
after Mitch called me and we talked for like 5 mins.
I guess I'm just not as happy as I used to think I was
and today I'm going to try to fix it when I talk to him.

But it'll all work out.
That's all.
And the fact that it rained really hard yesterday
But it's sunny today! :D

current mood: contemplative

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
1:01 am - narcissist?
My new year's day was pretty uneventful.
I woke up late.
Lazed around and watched Titanic twice.
Sad stuff. :[

Then I went to Barnes & Noble with my mom
and ran into Kyle and his mom.
And I read this one book
and discovered that I am a narcissist.
That means that I think everyone's "out to get me".

I finally talked to Mitch today.
I'm happy again.
He makes me happy.
The end.


current mood: grateful

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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
12:46 am - New yearrrr
Happy New Years!

2005 was really good to me.
Things changed.
But most things were for the better.
And the point is that I'm happy now.
And that 2005 treated me well.


I hope 2006 will be amazing.
Only one more year till graduation.
My year is going to change completely from 2006 to 2007.
Leaving friends and going to college,
and just facing reality.
Things will change.
But I'm going to live life to the fullest this year.
And I'm determined...
to stay happy!


current mood: excited

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